Best Electric Kettles for Hard Water

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Buying electric kettles seems a very tempting idea especially if you are an avid coffee or tea lover. It saves you from frequent kitchen visits and provides the luxury of instant warm water. But if you are living in an area of hard water, then your kettle is at the risk of getting a firm coating of limescale inside the kettle. Not only this hard coating slows your kettle as it covered the heating elements, but it can flake off into the water and may affect the taste of your drink. The best electric kettle for hard water can prevent this scale buildup inside the kettle enhancing its life.

What is Hard Water?

Even clean water contains many mineral deposits and metallic traces that cannot be seen from the naked eye. Especially it contains calcium, magnesium, and such other metallic element. When water is heated, it evaporates in the form of steam, but these metallic and mineral deposits in water do not evaporate but are left behind in the kettle. The white substance forming a layer in kettles or other water containers are actually the mineral deposits from the water. Over the period, these mineral deposits keep on building inside until a hard coating is created that is difficult to remove. If you don’t clean your kettle on a regular basis, these mineral deposits may cause damage to water boilers, kettles, cooking pans, dishwashers or any other container of having water in routine.

What can limescale do to your Kettle?

Although this limescale buildup doesn’t have any health hazards, it affects the performance of your kettle. It can affect the beauty of your kettle making it look like dirty and stained. This firm coating may flake off in water and also affect the taste of your brew. The firm coating on the heating sensors can also make your kettle slow. Limescale and hard water both can have a significant effect on the quality of your tea due to the presence of minerals like calcium and magnesium. They make it hard for tea compounds to dissolve in water resulting in the weak-tasting brew.

Kettles for Hard Water

Due to these reasons, manufacturers have come up with special kettles. These kettles are designed to deal with this issue of hard water. They use filters that remove the metallic and mineral traces from the water. These filters are not only removable but are also washable. Filters have tiny spores that trap the mineral deposits from water and prevent them from mixing up in water. As a result, they prevent any limescale buildup thus saving your appliance and enhancing its performance. Tea gets dissolved better in the absence of these mineral traces and maintains the quality of your brew.

Things to consider while buying a kettle for Hard water


If you have decided to buy a new kettle for hard water, the first thing to consider is if the kettle has a filter to remove the mineral traces from the water. These filters should be not only removable but also washable. From time to time you can remove them and clean them thoroughly under running water. These filters should be replaced after a specific time.


Cost is another factor that should be weighed before buying a kettle. One might assume the more expensive kettles are better which is also true to some extent, but even if you have a low budget, you can look for the one that does a great job without putting any extra strain on your budget.


Always consider your family size and daily requirement before buying a kettle. You don’t have to spend extra bucks on big kettles if you need it for personal use for a few cups of tea or coffee.

Auto-shutoff and other features.

Auto-shutoff prevent water from over boiling, and the kettle is turned off when water reaches it required temperature. These latest kettles have preset temperature options for different teas.

Best Kettles for Hard Water

Surely, these kettles are a boon for those living in a hard water area. Have you been facing the same issues of hard water, limescale and are looking for a new kettle, we have made this task easier by selecting some of the best kettles for hard water areas. Take a look and choose one that suits your budget and needs.

Andrew James Clear Glass Kettle

This beautiful glass Kettle comes with all the features that you might need. Not only that but it is stylish enough to make a statement resting on your table. It works really fast and boils water in just 106 seconds. With its swivel base, lifting and pouring become easy from any angle. The kettle is an ideal solution for those living in a hard water area. It comes with a filter that is removable, and you can easily wash it from time to time. The kettle is protected with two years of warranty. Only available in Europe unfortunately.


1. Looks stylish with transparent ridged glass and stainless steel design on handle and base.
2. Removable filter for preventing limescale.
3. Works fast and boil water in only 106 seconds.
4. 360 degrees swivel base and flip-top lid.


1. Needs extra care because of glass.
2. Needs more cleaning for keeping in pristine condition.


Breville VKT071 Kettle

This kettle is another beautiful option in the glass. It looks stunning on any desk or table with its classic glass and stainless steel look. The see-through design gives a pleasure of watching your tea brewing. With its easy grip and 360 degrees swivel base, lifting and pouring become easy. The kettle has 1.7 liters capacity and can cater to the needs of the entire family. Only available in Europe unfortunately.


1. Looks great.
2. Easy lifting and pouring.
3. Comes with a filter to prevent scale from ruining your kettle.
4. As it is made of glass, you don’t have to worry about scratches.

1. Due to glass kettle may feel heavy.
2. Needs extra care.


Morphy Richards Brita Kettle

This beautifully designed kettle in black color has a stylish look. With its 3,000 watt motor, it boils water within seconds. It comes with an ergonomic handle and easy view water gauge for your convenience. The kettle has a filter to remove the mineral deposits and lets you enjoy the fresh taste of your drinks. The cartridges are 100% recyclable.

1. With its powerful motor heats water fast.
2. Filter and cartridges are removable and washable.
3. Push button lid for easy pouring.
4. 360 degrees swivel base for both left and right-hand users.
5. Very light and easy to carry around.

1. Although made with high-quality material but some may object to its plastic body.


Breville VKJ956

The kettle has an eye-catching ridged design and a glossy finish. With 1.7 liters capacity, it can instantly make 4-6 cups of tea. A rear window help in accurate filling and kettle indicates when water boils inside. It comes with a filter to cater to the hard water issue.

1. The kettle is light and easy to carry.
2. Easy pouring and lifting.
3. The filter is removable and washable.
4. An indicator turns red when water is boiled.
5. Available in four colors.

1. Some may not like the plastic design.


Russell Hobbs 20760

The beautifully designed kettle has a premium glass body and polished look. It has 1-liter capacity and is ideal for small families. With its 3,000 watts strong motor it heats water in seconds. Not only it comes with a filter but also reminds of cartridge replacements.

1. Fast heating.
2. With its glass body looks great
3. Cartridge replacement reminders.
4. Removable and washable filter.

1. May feel heavy because of the glass body.
2. Has less capacity.