Can You Cook Pasta in a Kettle?

The electric kettle is an instrument that everyone knows, but which – unfortunately – is often overlooked by many.

The main advantage of the kettle is that it boils water extremely fast compared to all other possible methods. This way you can save time and even money since they are pretty energy efficient.

Can You Cook Pasta in a Kettle?

A smart way to make the best out of your kettle’s versatility is to use it to cook pasta. And to answer the question straight, yes you can cook pasta in a kettle. You need a bigger kettle- at least 2 liters and of course, you can’t cook for the whole family with it.

You can choose between two methods to cook pasta with a kettle. The standard use when you boil water in the kettle fast and resume the cooking in a pot. Or you can straight cook pasta in the kettle, for the dorm-friendly, hotel-savvy type of experience.

Cooking with a kettle is speedy and efficient. You might be surprised to learn you can cook a gourmet meal with the help of this small appliance and if you follow our post here, you can get into the details.

When it comes to pasta, unless you are following a carb restrictive diet, everybody loves this Italian treat. It is easy to make and offers the possibility to customize the dish with a variety of sauces and toppings.

When you decide to use a kettle for cooking pasta bare in mind that the stainless steel models get pretty hot and hence, you should handle them with great care to avoid serious burns. Use only wooden utensils to cook your food since electricity goes nice with only a few materials.

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