Best Variable Temperature Kettles And Buying Guide

Most of us are avid coffee or tea drinker. Not even tea and coffee but drinks like green tea, white tea and many other types of teas are an important part of our lives. An electric kettle makes life easy for all those who love to take tea or other drinks many times a day. Using stovetop kettles can be time-consuming, and you have to visit your kitchen again and again. On the other hand, an electric kettle can be placed anywhere near your desk for a quick drink. It brings a lot of convenience to your life along with a lot of taste.

Not all kinds of drinks required the same temperature. Different kinds of teas require different temperatures for extracting their hidden flavor and taste. Boiling water can actually destroy their taste and makes them bitter. Water is boiled at 100 degrees while the delicate green tea and black tea can get bitter at this temperature.

The ideal temperature for green tea and white tea is 70C. Black tea and oolong tea require water around 85C. Herbal teas require around 100C. Meanwhile, the ideal temperature of the coffee is between 91 to 96C. So mere boiling water is not at all fit for all these kinds of delicate teas and to get the most out of these they need the right temperature.

To get that particular temperature in stovetop kettles is very difficult and time-consuming. Electric kettles with variable temperatures can make life easy as they can give your desired temperature of water within a few minutes. These electric kettles come with temperature control and keep water on that level for some time. You can prepare your drink at a precise temperature for extracting the best taste and flavor.

Benefits of Variable Temperature Kettles


Convenience should be the first benefit of buying an electric kettle. It makes life easy. You don’t have to leave anything you are doing and go into the kitchen and prepare a cup of tea or coffee, that’s a lot distracting. With these electric kettles, all you have to do is to add water and press a button, and the rest is easy.

Precise Temperature

Electric kettles with variable temperatures bring a lot of convenience to your life. Not only making your cup of tea or coffee becomes easy, but you can get your desired temperature of any kind of hot drink you require. The taste and flavors of these drinks come out better at specific temperatures, and your kettle makes sure water remains on that temperature level. No more burning of delicate tea and bitter tastes can be expected with the precision of temperature.


Stovetop kettles are time-consuming as compared to electric kettles. These kettles take less than a few minutes to bring water to your desired temperature. So if you want a quick cup of coffee in the morning or in between work, then electric kettles are a lot more time-saving than the conventional ones.

Energy Efficient

Electric kettles are more energy-efficient than microwaves or your stove. They require less energy to bring water to boil and are more eco-friendly.

Auto shut-off

If you are the one who forgets to turn off the kettle or stove in doing many other chores at the same time, then these Variable temperature kettles are ideal for you. These kettles come with an auto shut-off function. So even if you forget to switch off the kettle, it will shut off automatically saving your drink, energy, and kettle as well.

Preventing Limescale

If you are living in a hard water area, then these kettles can be useful. Most of these variable temperature kettles come with a descaler mesh of some sort that helps with the problem of limescale. When water is overheated and boiled, it can leave the limescale inside your kettle. Variable temperature control kettles prevent water from over boiling and thus do not allow the limescale to gather inside your kettle.

Things to Consider while Buying a Variable Temperature Kettle

Now that we have noted some benefits of having variable temperature kettles let’s take a look at some of the things one should consider while buying a variable temperature kettle.


Take a look at the manufacturer’s claim of how fast the kettle is capable of heating the water and what is your requirement. Always go through the reviews of the product to see if other users are facing some issues relating to the speed or other features of the kettle. Mostly, these electric kettles take in the range of three to four minutes to bring water to your desired temperature. But as a general rule, your electric kettle should be faster than a microwave or stove.

Temperature options

Different kettles come with different temperature options. Choose the one that suits your requirements the most. It depends on what type of drink you require and what is their ideal temperature and does the kettle you are considering provides an option for these temperatures? Therefore, it depends on individual needs and preferences.

Size and Capacity

How many cups of warm water do you require usually. The capacity of the kettle should be according to your family size and needs. The size also determines how much space you want your kettle to take. So buying the one that suits your individual need is a wise decision.


Many types of variable temperature kettles are available in the market. They are most often made of stainless steel, plastic or glass. Plastic ones are cost-effective and light to carry, but they may not be very healthy if the part that touches water is also made of plastic. Glass kettles and stainless steel kettles are more popular. Stainless steel is more durable, while glass kettles look aesthetically appealing. It’s a matter of individual preference and choice.


If you are in the habit of pouring lots of water out of your kettle for a quick drink or are a traveler, then probably one with lightweight seems more appealing. So keeping in mind your required weight while buying a kettle can save you from a lot of trouble later.


Like all your other electric kettles, you want the one that lasts long. Investing in one that may last long will be wiser than the one that you have to replace in a short period. That’s why durability is also something that you should look for while buying a kettle.

Extra Features

Electric kettles like all other gadgets are coming with a lot of functionality and extra features. From the temperature control to auto-shutoff, water gauge or keep warm features, kettles come with many functions that can make your life a lot easier.


Of course, all of these features come at a price, and you should stick to the one that fits in your budget easily. So instead of looking at a pricey option go for the one that you can manage buying easily and provide all basics.

Best Variable Temperature Kettles

If you are looking for a kettle then choosing one can be time-consuming and difficult. We have made this task easier by giving you some of the best available options. Choose one that suits your needs, budget, and aesthetics.

Jocuu Electric Gooseneck Kettle

Jocuu Electric Gooseneck Kettle

Jocuu Electric Gooseneck kettle is one of the kettles that has revolutionized the manufacture of modern kettles. It has a unique design that makes you want to make it your favorite kitchen appliance.


It is a temperature variable kettle with a kettle base that displays exact temperature figures. It is a stainless-steel kettle with a capacity of 0.8litres. The touch button on the lid controls the liquid flow while the 1000w power heats its constituent for the shortest time possible.

Jocuu Electric Gooseneck Kettle comes with a digitalized base panel that allows you to command its system. In addition, the base has handy buttons to make your work easy. They include the power button, the boil, and the ‘keep warm’ buttons.

Other buttons include adjusting the temperature and another for temperature type switching (Celsius or Fahrenheit). It also has the LED technology for displaying accurate temperature figures.

The panel also lets you set the temperature before heating your coffee, water or tea. And when it achieves the temperature, it automatically shuts down.


  • It is a BPA-Free kettle.
  • It takes a short time to heat its content
  • It comes with a 3-year warranty.
  • It also offers after-sales services.


  • Its capacity is relatively more minor, not suitable for large families.
  • It appears bulky with the LED base control system separated from the kettle.
Jocuu Electric Gooseneck Kettle Temperature Variable Control...
361 Reviews
Jocuu Electric Gooseneck Kettle Temperature Variable Control...
  • 【±1°F/℃ Accurate Temp Control and Real-Time Temperature Diplay】 Electric gooseneck tea kettle...
  • 【“KEEP WARM” and Memory Function】 Jocuu pour-over smart kettle holds temperatures between...

KRUPS BW801852 Smart Temp Digital Kettle

KRUPS BW801852

KRUPS BW801852 is another digitalized electric kettle designed to offer you the best breakfast experience.


The kettle has a stainless-steel interior to keep its content hot while maintaining the authentic taste. In addition, it has a double insulation material to maintain the content’s temperature and for your hands’ safety.

It also has a complex control system consisting of:

  • A LED display panel.
  • A 5-temperature selection system to fortify the taste of your tea or coffee.

The kettle has a 360° rotating base and a lid that automatically opens to allow you to pour the content. It is a 1.7-litre kettle, enough to serve your entire family. 


  • It has a nifty digital display screen and a handy control system
  • It has a large capacity.


  • It lacks a warranty or after-sale services.
KRUPS BW801852 Smart Temp Digital Kettle Full Stainless Interior...
1,383 Reviews
KRUPS BW801852 Smart Temp Digital Kettle Full Stainless Interior...
  • DIGITAL SCREEN DISPLAY FOR THE PERFECT TEMPERATURE: It has 5 preset temperatures designed to bring out...
  • SIMPLE AND EASY OPERATION: One touch boil setting (212°f), auto shut off, automatic lid opening, 360°...

Electric Kettle Temperature (Brighton Brand)

Electric Kettle Temperature Control Glass Hot Water Boiler with 4...

Brighton Brand is perhaps one of the most detailed electric kettles suitable for heating water, tea and coffee. To discuss further discuss it, we will go straight to its features.


It is made of high-quality borosilicate glass with a BPA-Free food-grade material. Its handle has a clear LED display with different colors to indicate different temperatures and keeps your water, tea or coffee warm for 2 hours.

You can stack and unstack the kettle base from the kettle. The kettle turns off automatically when it achieves the set temperature. With 1500w power, it heats its content much faster than other heating appliances in your kitchen. It also boasts an enormous capacity to serve a large family.


  • It saves time since it heats liquid fast.
  • It grants your family healthy living. It is made from food-grade material.
  • Its design enables safe handling.


  • It has no warranty or after-sales service.
Electric Kettle Temperature Control Glass Hot Water Boiler with 4...
2,329 Reviews
Electric Kettle Temperature Control Glass Hot Water Boiler with 4...
  • High quality and plastic free: The hot water bottle is made of high quality high borosilicate glass and...
  • 4 colors indicate different temperatures: The water kettle is available adjustable temperature with...

COSORI Electric Gooseneck Kettle

COSORI Electric Gooseneck Kettle

COSORI Electric Gooseneck Kettle allows you to dive into the world of contemporary, precise technology. Do you want to have a mini intelligent home experience? Take advantage of the Bluetooth technology in this kettle.


The kettle comes with a free VeSync app to enable you to connect the kettle to your smartphone wirelessly. After that, adjust the temperature of the kettle or schedule the next heating session.

Set the kettle’s temperature with four easy-to-navigate buttons in the VeSync app.

Customize your breakfast. Try out other flavors with the “My Brew” function on the VeSync app. Additional buttons are also on the kettle base.

The kettle has a stainless-steel interior with a food-grade material for safety reasons. Do not worry about having to control the kettle manually. It automatically shuts down after it achieves the set temperature.

Its spout enables you to serve coffee or tea with confidence. It allows for a steady and consistent flow of liquid.


  • The kettle saves time. It takes only 3-5 minutes to prepare your flavour.
  • It comes with a manual.
  • It provides your family with a healthy living practice.  


  • No warranty or after-sales services.
COSORI Electric Gooseneck Kettle Smart Bluetooth with Variable...
878 Reviews
COSORI Electric Gooseneck Kettle Smart Bluetooth with Variable...
  • Smart Functions: Enjoy full control of your kettle through your smartphone by connecting it to the free...
  • Precise Temperatures: Cosori's Gooseneck Kettle features 4 precise temperature presets, so your tea is...

Hamilton Beach Electric Kettle

Hamilton Beach Electric Kettle

Hamilton Beach Electric Kettle looks similar to the Brighton Brand. However, it has a slight variation that you will discover later in the article.


It has an ergonomic handle with buttons to control its functionality. Do you want Green, White, Oolong, Black and Herbal Tea, French Press Coffee, and hot cocoa? Prepare your best flavors using six buttons on the handle.

The kettle keeps its content warm for 30 minutes instead of the Brighton Brand, which increases by one and a half hours. It also shuts off automatically after achieving the set temperature.

Its capacity of 1.7 liters makes it ideal for serving a large group and illuminates a blue color to signify its content is almost ready for serving.


  • It saves time since it heats liquid fast.


  • It has no warranty or after-sales service
Hamilton Beach Temperature Control Glass Electric Tea Kettle,...
5,051 Reviews
Hamilton Beach Temperature Control Glass Electric Tea Kettle,...
  • 6 one-touch temperature settings: The kettle’s six settings bring water up to the perfect temperatures...
  • Keep Warm option: maintains the temperature of heated water for 30 minutes.

Chefman Electric Kettle

Chefman Electric Kettle w/ Temperature Control, No. 1 Kettle...

Chefman electric kettle is a 1.8-litre kettle that enables you to set 5 temperature variables. It is made of borosilicate glass and stainless steel for longevity and safety purposes. The kettle has plenty of features you want to try after you grab one from the stores.


Chefman electric kettle has LED technology that indicates different colors for different temperatures when making your best flavor. For instance:

  • Set colour green when making Green Tea, which will boil at 175°.
  • Set colour blue for White Tea at 185°.
  • Set colour yellow make Oolong Tea at 195°.
  • Use colour purple for French Press at 200°.

It maintains the temperature of its content for an hour and shuts down after achieving the set temperature.


  • It saves time. It boils its content fast.
  • It has a one-year warranty.
  • It is BPA-Free. Ensures your folks live healthily.
  • Unlike other kettles, the Chefman electric kettle comes with a tea infuser to enable you to prepare your best tea.


  • Although the kettle is handy, it appears bulky and might be pretty tricky to clean
Chefman Electric Kettle w/ Temperature Control, No. 1 Kettle...
4,197 Reviews
Chefman Electric Kettle w/ Temperature Control, No. 1 Kettle...
  • #1 KETTLE MANUFACTURER IN THE US: Bring home an electric kettle by the #1 kettle manufacturer in America...
  • COLORED LED LIGHTS: 5 different colored LED lights correspond to the ideal temperatures for your best...

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