Cooking Popcorn Using Electric Kettles.

There are many types of snack foods that most people love when watching a game or a movie and popcorns happens to be one of the most popular. They are grain products that involve no processing at all. The good thing about popcorns is that they are low in calories and rich in fiber which adds nutritional benefits in the body.

Preparing and cooking popcorns take just a fraction of time. I still think that this what you can cook within the shortest time. When cooking popcorns, you will need to have an appliance that primarily tailored for the purpose. However, there are always improvisations that many people employ at home to prepare popcorns. Some sound absurd though. These improvisations involve using appliances which are not popcorns makers to cook popcorns. For instance, some people will use microwaves, stovetops, kettle warmers, and even a pan.

That’s not all. Did you know you can also use your electric kettle for the same? It sounds awkward but it works pretty well. There are considerations though since electric kettles are not thoughtfully designed for cooking popcorns.

What an Electric Kettle Should have to make it perfect for preparing popcorns.

For your electric kettle to be perfect for cooking popcorns, it should have some of the following features. The features make it easy using the appliance to prepare popcorns. They include:

Concealed heating component

Some electric kettles have concealed heating element which leaves the inside of the kettle with no components. This would be great in ensuring efficiency when cooking your popcorns. Also, it helps to prevent damages to other internal elements which can be caused by popcorn oil, popcorn sugar of particles of popcorns. Cleaning would also be made easy and quick. If you use your kettle to cook popcorns, be sure to have an oily appliance to clean. If your kettle doesn’t have elements and components in the inside, then it should be quick and easy for you.

Inbuild timer

This would be a great companion to help in tracking the cooking process. As you, popcorns take short time to cook, having a timer would be great to track time as it lapses.

Customizable temperature

Variable temperatures mean you can regulate them by increasing or reducing the levels to your liking to fit the best serve your needs. In our case, this would be very important to ensure that we don’t roast the popcorns instead. Heating popcorns at very high temperatures will only roast them and the outcome would be far from appealing. It would be prudent to ensure relatively low temperatures and that can be best achieved if you are using a kettle with customizable temperatures.

The bad news is that not all kettles have a customizable temperature. If you want to have a kettle that can serve multiple purposes, then go for that with customizable temperatures.

Stainless Still Material Make

This is the main thing that you should consider before thinking of cooking popcorns with your electric kettle. Various kettles have different make material which can be glass, ceramic, plastic or most likely stainless steel. 304 food-grade stainless steel is the most common material for most kitchen cooking appliances. Apart from being a good heat conductor, it is also safe when it comes to contact with substances meant for human consumption.

Stainless steel electric kettle should be a perfect appliance for cooking popcorns, its excellent heat conduction properties enable it to heat the cereals evenly and quickly.

How to Cook Popcorns Using Electric Kettles

Step 1

Add oil in your kettle and switch it on to heat. In case you are using solid fats like coconut oil, give it time to melt.


Add 4 popcorn kernels into the heated oil for testing. Wait for the kernels to pop.

Step 3

After the kernels pop, add more kernels that will fit on an even layer- that would be the entire base of your kettle.

Step 4

Close the lid or your kettle and switch it off and count 30 seconds or set a count down timer. This ensures that the kernels absorb a bit of oil and temperatures close to popping temperature.

Step 5.

After 30 seconds, switch the kettle on again. The popcorns should start poping all at the same time. This time try to regulate the temperatures by reducing them a bit. When the popping starts, shake the kettle a bit to ensure that all kernels have popped. After 30 seconds open the lid to let off the steam and check whether your popcorns are well cooked. Switch off your kettle and serve your popcorns.

Advantages of using an electric kettle to cook popcorns

  • It can save you time.
  • Good improvisation in case an electric kettle was the only available option.

Disadvantages of using an electric kettle to cook popcorns

It can cause unforeseen damages to your kettle and its elements.

  • Might not give the best of results. Grains may not pop at the same time due to the uneven transfer of heat which can be attributed to the design shapes of most kettles.
  • It can be a dangerous improvisation especially if the kids try it.

Things to avoid.

  • Using electric kettles that are made of plastic, glass or ceramic
  • Kettles with gooseneck spouts. As the cereal pop during cooking, some may enter the long spout which may block the appliance if not thoroughly cleaned.


Using an electric kettle to cook popcorns is possible but can be a tricky improvisation. While it may seem like an awkward improvisation, it gets the job well done. However, the kettle may not give the best results especially if there no temperature control.

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