Ceramic Vs Stainless Steel Electric Kettles

Ceramic Vs Stainless Steel Electric Kettles

Today’s electric kettles are ideal and safe methods that substitute traditional top stoves. It will take you a fraction of time you would use to heat water using traditional stovetop kettles and microwaves. Most importantly, they are safe to use than their alternatives in the market considering that some make come with the automatic off feature. This implies that when water reaches boiling, the kettle automatically switches itself off. This has to lead to electric kettles to become popular than ever before. It is this popularity that has subsequently lead to different makes and types of kettles in the market.

One of the most common types of electric kettles is stainless steel kettles. They are normally made of food grade 404 stainless steel. Also popular in the market are the ceramic electric kettles. Mostly, their body is finished with ceramic, a decor material which is also used to make most kitchen utensils. This article will compare the stainless steel electric kettles and the ceramic electric kettles. The comparison guide will give you information and understanding of each type with its pros and cons.

Stainless steel electric kettles

The stainless steel electric kettles remain the most popular and most used electric kettles. They come in a sleek and unique design and most importantly they are very durable. Recent makes have a limescale filter which will prevent lime build up a common nuisance for electric kettle users.

Kettles made of stainless steel do not have any bad smell or pose any health threat when you take contents heated using these kettles. Most of them are cordless and will give value for your money since they are not that expensive.

One notable shortcoming is that their steel body can get really hot when the contents inside are heated. This should not give you much worry though. Manufacturers of late have employed double walls to counter this problem which makes the exteriors to remain cool even after heating the contents inside.

Advantages of stainless steel electric kettles

  • They remain the most durable kettles in the market
  • They come and relatively low prices for their great features which gives value for your money.
  • Most of them come with scale filters which are removable. This reduces lime build up which at times inhibits the performance of heating components.
  • Most people love elegance. Stainless steel electric kettles come in different sleek and elegant designs will add some glamour on your table.

Disadvantages of Stainless Steel Electric Kettles

  • When heating, some kettles become really hot in the exterior.

Ceramic electric kettles

Just like the stainless electric kettles, ceramic electric kettles are made of a stainless steel interior. Of course, steel gives enhanced and safe heating. Ceramic kettles have an undeniable visual appeal which gives an elegant addition on your countertop.

In most makes, ceramic kettles will have a detachable base which makes it ideal for serving.

Ceramic kettles closely resemble porcelain decoratives. If you love seeing sleek utensils in your kitchen, probably ceramic kettles will add some beauty glamour in your kitchen.

One notable shortcoming about ceramic kettles is that they are heavy than other electric kettles. Compared to stainless steel electric kettles, they can be even twice their weight.

Advantages of ceramic electric kettles

Their bodies don’t get hot when contents are heated thanks to the ceramic insulation.

  • Add glamour in the kitchen with their elegant design and beauty.
  • Have a detachable base which makes them ideal to use them for serving.
  • Some make come with scale filters which helps in preventing mineral build up.
  • Allows to keep water or heated content for a long time

Disadvantages of ceramic electric kettles

They are relatively heavy than other electric kettles in the market.

  • Ceramic kettles are very fragile.
  • Ceramic electric kettles are expensive than its peers. Compared to electric kettles, prices for ceramic kettles are a bit high.

Ceramic or Stainless steel.

Every material used to make electric kettles, in that case, ceramic and stainless steel, has its pros and cons. This kind makes it difficult to state which kettle is the best. However, if you want something great connoisseurs of tea in ceremonies, then ceramics are great. On the other hand, you may prefer something light and less cumbersome, then stainless steel is better. There are other considerations like price and durability. Steel kettles are far more durable considering that the ceramics one is very fragile.

Final remarks

Both ceramic and stainless steel electric kettles are great. The choice will depend on individuals preference, need and of course budget. However, if we were to make a rough comparison, ceramic kettles are great if you want an additional glamour on your table or countertop. On the other hand, you may prefer a lighter appliance at a considerable friendly price, then you should probably go for the stainless steel kettle. Otherwise, both types should serve you right.

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