best ceramic electric kettles

Best Ceramic Electric Kettles

There are many appliances that you should not miss in your kitchen. One of them is an electric kettle. Also, there are many types and makes of electric kettles like glass, plastic and stainless steel made. My stress, however, will be on ceramic electric kettles. These kettles are made of ceramic which a hard solid which is either metallic or non-metallic compounds that are normally hardened by exposing them to high temperatures. They are corrosion-resistant and that makes them perfect for molding pottery and kettle bodies. On the inside, ceramic electric kettles are made of stainless steel which makes perfect for heating.

What to consider when buying a ceramic electric kettle

Before settling for your choice of a ceramic kettle, there are various factors that are worth considering. They include;

Grip. Ceramic electric kettles are considerably heavy. It is important to check the shape and positioning of the handle. Since weight is a concern, it’s good to consider how they handle affects the balancing when pouring.

Boiling speed. This will vary from one make to another. It would be good if you do a bit of comparison to see ceramic kettles with your ideal speed.

Boil dry protection. When the water reaches boiling, the kettle automatically switches off. If a kettle doesn’t have the ability it can be risky and if left for long can boil contents to dryness which can come with other dangers.

Capacity. You might want a kettle that will serve the purpose of the entire family. Or maybe one which is just perfect for a single person.

Scale filters. Filters will help in preventing limescale build. This is a great addition which should be given serious consideration.

Variable temperature. An important feature that can help you settle for the best. Variable temperatures give you the option to heat contents to different temperatures to give optimal results when brewing different types of drinks.

Advantages Of Ceramic Electric Kettles

  • Their detachable base makes them ideal for serving.
  • Adds beauty on the table. Ceramic is a beautiful material. Having a ceramic electric kettle will definitely add that glamour on your countertop.
  • Keeps heated contents hot for long. Ceramic is just like an insulator. This ensures that the kettle doesn’t lose heat quickly.

Disadvantages Ceramic Electric Kettles

  • They are brittle. This makes them very fragile and they can easily break if not handled with care.
  • Heavy. Compared with other types of kettles, ceramic electric kettles carry more weight making them somehow cumbersome.

Best Ceramic Electric Kettles

There are many ceramic kettles out there that will give you great satisfaction. This article has rounded some of the best. The following is a rundown of the best ceramic electric kettles.


BELLA (14522)  Kettle

This 1.5-liter electric kettle comes with a fully detachable base. It comes in different colors and patterns making it also a kind of decor on your countertop. Definitely, it’s safer than the traditional stove and will obviously heat water faster than the microwave. Bella kettle is entirely ceramic including its lid. The only exception is the interior base made of stainless steel for heating purposes.

For an in-depth review check: BELLA 1.2 Liter Electric Ceramic Tea Kettle Review


  • Bella is equipped with boil dry protection
  • The kettle comes with a fully detachable 360-degree power base which has a cord storage and safe to use
  • Has a 1200 watts heating element
  • The capacity of 1500 ml


  • Bella comes with a long gooseneck-style spout which makes it ideal for better-controlled pours and at the same time avoid risky over pours.
  • Its fully detachable base makes it ideal for serving.
  • Great decor in any kitchen
  • Safety build in. The heating elements are concealed which also makes it easy when cleaning the appliance.
  • It can be used to heat a variety of drinks including instant soup.


  • Maybe a little bit heavy.

Pinky Up Noelle 1.5 L Ceramic Electric Tea Kettle

Pinky Up Noelle 1.5 L Ceramic Electric Tea Kettle

This is a 1.5-liter ceramic electric kettle that is triggered only with a flip button. The design is a vintage one with a gooseneck that can help pour water easier. It is perfect for someone that likes the vintage design or has a classic kitchen.


  • Has a 1300 watt heating element
  • it is cordless
  • Comes with a huge capacity of 1.5 liters


  • Heats contents fasters
  • It has a nice design.
  • It can be used to heat coffee, tea, and other drinks.


  • It can slipp from surfaces.

Victorian Trading Co Vintage-Style

Sensio Butterfly electric kettle.

A nice-looking ceramic electric kettle that has a victorian design. The reviews on the internet are describing mostly the poor quality and the fact that is not that resistant, so I would be careful when choosing it.


  • Victorian design
  • Ceramic on the outside.


  • Nice design
  • Its detachable base


  • A bit expensive compared to peers
  • Poor design
Victorian Trading Co Vintage-Style Roses Electric Hot Water Tea...
Victorian Trading Co Vintage-Style Roses Electric Hot Water Tea...
Ceramic.; Electric.; UL listed.; 34 oz. capacity.; 7".


Bialetti Kettle

This one doesn’t have patterns, in fact, it comes with a beautiful white color. your filling, heating, boiling, and serving are just made easy thanks to the detachable base. Its 1350 watt heating element reduces your waiting time as it makes heating faster. Under the handle, there is a light indicator showing you whether the kettle is on or off. Sometimes you might forget your kettle plugged in the socket. With Bialetti, you should have some peace of mind since it has an auto shut-off when contents reach boiling.


  • It is boil dry protected
  • Adds beauty on tabletop and countertops
  • The detachable base makes it convenient to carry around in the house.


  • Can be fragile if not handled with care
  • A bit heavy

FixtureDisplays Ceramic Electric Kettle

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This comes with an elegant blue flower design that looks extremely beautiful on this electric kettle. This kettle would be ideal for use at home, office, in restaurants and hotels for table service or can serve as a lovely gift. You will not have to wait for your water to get hot for long. With a heating element of 1000 watt, heating takes less time compared to microwaves. The capacity of 1000 ml ensures that everyone in the family is taken care of. Over-fill protection is another important feature that comes with this kettle. It prevents steam and also boiled water from hurting users from the lid.


  • Has a capacity of 1 liter
  • the heating element of 1000 watt


  • Has an over-fill protection
  • Very beautiful and elegant appliance
  • The detachable base makes it convenient to carry around in the house.


  • Its brittle nature makes it fragile.

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