Cosori 1.7l Glass Electric Kettle review

Cosori 1.7l Glass Electric Kettle Review

In our modern houses, most appliances have moved to be electric. This is also the case for the kettles which today make the work at the kitchen much easier and quicker. This enhances kitchen experience and makes even preparing beverages enjoyable. To even better the experience, you can acquire great appliances like Cosori glass electric kettle which will make the heating even quicker.

Cosori glass electric kettle has a large capacity of 1700 ml which is more than enough for a small family. For those who like to an eye on what they are brewing, Cosori would be a great appliance for them since it is clear and transparent thanks to the glass material used in making this kettle. However, glass material can have its backside when used to make kettles. This is especially if the water being used is hard. A kettle without good filters will make the kettle appear milky in the inside due to lime build-up. This should be handled by scale filter components which are installed inside the kettle.


Its design mainly features glass material. This quality premium material is well-calibrated on the side to enable the user to have or boil a precise amount of water just which is needed. The style is simple but complete. The body which is molded with glass makes inside contents visible. This kettle features a wide mouth opening which enables one to wipe the entire kettle well reaching the bottom with ease. Cosori has one of the best and firm handles. The handle which touches the top and closes to the bottom is strong enough to support lifting the weight of this jug. Also, it provides balanced handling of the appliance. A stainless steel filter is placed at the spout. This ensures that water has to go through an extra steel filter.

Build material

Cosori is entirely made of borosilicate glass. The material provides for clarity and visibility for those who like to keep an eye on what they are brewing. The interior of the lid and the bottom are made of 404 food-grade stainless steel. The purpose of using stell at the bottom is to aid in heating. The firm plastic handle also acts as a good insulator. The handle offers a good balance for controlled pouring and safe handling. The base is made of stainless steel. This gives it enough weight for stability on the countertop.

Key functionalities

Auto shut-off is a technology that adds to the safety of this appliance. This is initiated within 30 seconds after the water has fully boiled. This adds to the boil-dry protection. Its 360-degree power base uses British Strix thermostat technology.

The LED light that comes with this kettle helps the user to when or whether the kettle is on or off. This is a good addition which makes the experience with this appliance great.

The kettle can be used to prepare oatmeal, pasta, noddles, and other instant foods. So don’t starve your kids before the main meal. This is besides the main use of heating solutions. The primary purpose of an electric kettle is heating water and brewing beverages such as coffee and tea.


  • Made of premium quality glass and 404 food-grade stainless steel. This is a standard material that is safe for anything meant for human consumption.
  • This kettle has auto shut-off and boil-dry protection. Safety is one key factor for any appliance. Auto shut-off will always ensure that cosori glass kettle will never cause a fire in your house.
  • It has a LED light indicator. This enables you to whether the kettle is on or off. When the kettle on the indicator will show blue color and no color when it if off.
  • Cosori has a massive 1.7 liters capacity. This is more than enough for a medium family. Also, it saves time if you have to serve many people as you don’t have to make several boilings to have everybody taken care of.

Boiling time with energy consume

Boiling time is one metric used by many buyers before they settle for an electric kettle. This makes sense since we seem to always be in a hurry. Am kidding. While it will take at least 10 minutes of your time to heat water using a microwave, Cosori will cost you roughly three to five minutes and could be less if you are not heating full capacity. This looks like a great alternative for microwave and or a stove.

Power consumption is greatly reduced by the fact that the heating element gets the job done pretty quickly. The kettle has a rated power of 1500 watt which is just perfect for the large capacity of 1.7 liters.

Pros & Cons


  • The build and design of the mouth are wide which is a big plus. This enables one to have a thorough wipe in the inside of the kettle.
  • Cososri is a high-performance electric kettle that has a unique design that will complement any kitchens decor while operating at high performance to serve all your heating needs.
  • The kettle is 100% BPA free.
  • A fast boiling time of 3-6 minutes will greatly save your time.
  • Apart from brewing your favorite beverages like coffee and tea, you can also use your Cosori electric kettle to prepare instant noddle, oatmeal, pasta among other instant foods.


  • The problem of lime build-up. This can be disturbing especially when the water being used is hard.
  • It could be a bit heavy for some hands.


Glass utensils are easy to clean and so is Cosori electric kettle. Lime build-up can, however, be a problem especially if the water running in your tap is hard. This will call for regular descaling of the kettle. Otherwise, looking at the benefits which include the auto shut-off and boil-dry protection, this kettle is worth having in your kitchen. A big plus for a warranty of two years. This shows how much confidence the manufacturer has with the appliance. If you want something different, with some different build material and still exhibiting high performance, then Cosori has it all.

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