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BELLA 1.2 Liter Electric Ceramic Tea Kettle Review

Electric kettles are great appliances that make your life easier on very many fronts. For instance, while heating your coffee on the stove can seem to take a long time, an electric kettle will take a fraction of that time to get the coffee hot. Their greatness is not only realized by instant heating of coffee, water, soup, and other beverages, but also in cooking. You can use these kettles to prepare instant nodules, hot cereals or boiled eggs.

In recent years, we have seen advancement in types and makes of electric kettles tailored for the markets. Some include the ceramic electric kettles. As the name suggests, these kettles are made of ceramic. In this article, we are going to have a detailed review of Bella 1.2 liter ceramic electric kettle. It is an appliance with a sleek design that will look great in any kitchen.


Bella ceramic electric kettle has a great appearance which makes a visual note. This appliance will add some glamour in any kitchen or countertop. It is designed with a long gooseneck spout which prevents spills and provides for controlled pours. The kettle has a firm handle which offers a good balance and allows for easy pours. Bella also features a light indicator just below the handle which helps the user to know when the kettle is on or off. There are a variety of colors coupled with styles and patterns to chose from. Some of the colors include white, silver tile and silver chevron, red diamond, blue Aztec and black floral.

Build material

This kettle is entirely made of ceramic. Ceramic is the material which can be inorganic or can be a compound of nitride, carbide or crystalline oxide. The most common ceramic is porcelain. Ceramic material is hard which makes it perfect for pottery and precisely for kettles. The lid of the kettle, which is removable, is also made of ceramic. The interior has a bit of stainless steel. This is the standard food-grade stainless steel that is friendly to human health. The purpose of having steel in the interior design is to ai in heating where the heating element is also installed. Otherwise, the rest of the interior is made of ceramic.

The biggest concern by many users is plastic and whether it comes in contact with the water being heated. Bella doesn’t feature plastic as the build material. However, to provide a tight and safe close, there is a little plastic used concealed in the inside of the lead. It is worth noting that the plastic doesn’t come into contact with the water being heated.

Key functionalities

Bella ceramic electric kettles are designed for many functionalities. These functionalities range from preparing basic beverages to preparing light foods. They include;

  • Heating water is the main use as subjected by users.
  • Brewing tea and coffee. Coffee is very a very important beverage and so do tea. It helps to keep your energy always up and the mind sharp.
  • You can also prepare instant noodle with Bella kettle
  • No need for much hustle when you need boiled eggs. Just add water in your kettle and boil your eggs.

Other specifications

These specs include;

  • 360-degree power base
  • Boil dry protection
  • Automatic shut-off
  • The heating element of 1200 watt

Bella kettle has two parts, the base which comprises the plugin part and can be considered as the main part of the kettle. Then there is the reservoir or the jug. This contains the heating element inside it. When heating the cord which is connected to the base is plugged into the power source and afterward, the kettle can be used elsewhere in the house.

Boiling speed with energy consume

Compared to traditional teapots or even microwaves, Bella is pretty faster in heating. For instance, whilst traditional teapots would take about 5-6 minutes to boil water for tea, Bella would do the same in 2-3 three minutes. The speed is pretty impressive still considering that ceramic material reduces the rate at which the water again loses heat thus keeping contents hot for long. More interesting is that Bella electric kettle apart from heating faster is also safer with the automatic shut-off feature.

The high heating speed can be attributed to the strong heating element rated at 1200 watt. The kettle, however, doesn’t consume a lot of energy since it takes a short time to heat contents. Besides, it helps reduce the power consumed in reheating contents as heated contents remain hot for long.

Pros and Cons


  • The detachable base offers good mobility of the kettle around the house.
  • Elegant and sleek design
  • Pretty easy to use
  • Durable appliance
  • It is available in a variety of colors, patterns, and styles
  • Its gooseneck spout offers controlled and safe pouring.
  • The powerful heating element makes heating pretty quick


  • It is fragile and delicate if not handled with care.
  • It can be a bit heavy for some hands.


With the automatic shut-off, you can be assured that there is no likelihood of Bella kettle causing a fire hazard in your house. Its long gooseneck sprout also ensures that the pouring process is controlled and also spill are prevented adding to safety in the kitchen and on the serving table. Even thorough this kettle is a little bit heavy for some hands, and may take some cupboard space, it is more durable and should give you good service for a long time. If you are looking for an appliance with high quality, value and that which will also and some glamour in your kitchen, then search no more.

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