How to Boil Eggs Into an Electric Kettle

Many of us have electric kettles. Resting on our kitchen counters and even working desks, these kettles are a lot more convenient than stovetop kettles. Not only these kettles are the easiest way to make your favorite cup of tea or coffee, but they can be used for many other works that add the functionality of kettles.

What a kettle actually does is to warm the water instantly. The powerful motor of kettle heats the water in no time. The modern technology has brought many innovations in the conventional kettle and add many useful features into it. Some of these useful features are the option of temperature control, auto shut off, keeping water warm, or timers. The warm water in kettles prompt the users to think out of the box and use it for making instant soups, boiling milk, or even boiling eggs.

Boiling Eggs in Kettle

An electric kettle can be perfect for boiling eggs as well if you don’t have a stove at hand and want a boiled egg. It’s a handy option if you are traveling, or are at work and feel like having a boiled egg. Boiling eggs in water is quite easy, and here we have given a detailed method.
• Carefully place the eggs in the kettle and fill in the water so that eggs are fully covered, and the water level is one inch above the eggs. Make sure they don’t touch the heating elements, or they can break and cause a big mess.
• Prop up your kettle from one side to prevent the eggs from touching the heating elements. You can place a small notepad or something like that under the one side.
• Turn on the kettle. Most of the kettles these days are auto-shutoff. So your kettle will probably turn off once water is boiled inside.
• Set the timer and wait for 13-15 minutes before opening the lid depending on how soft or hard egg you want.
• Drain the water out of the kettle and remove the eggs. You can place the eggs in cold water to bring down their temperature.
• Peel off the shells and enjoy the eggs with some salt and pepper.
Things to Consider While Boiling Eggs in Kettle

Few things should be considered while boiling eggs in a kettle.

• Don’t use the kettle with the exposed heating coil as eggs can crack if they touch the coil while boiling.
• Don’t overcrowd the eggs. The number of eggs you can boil at a time depends on the space inside your kettle and the size of eggs.
• Leave the room inside so that the eggs don’t touch the steam cut off the tube.
• For soft boil eggs, only 10 to 12 minutes are enough. However, if you like hard boil eggs, then you need to wait for 15 minutes.

Boiling eggs in a kettle is a simple task but with few precautions or you have a big mess on your hand. The electric kettle heats the water fast and shuts off automatically thus consume less electricity.

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