How to Cook Maggi Using A Electric Kettles

If you are a lover of snack foods you’ve probably grown up eating Maggi as your favorite snack! Sure most people are big fans of these instant noodles including myself and I bet I will never get too old for Maggi. It might not be the best thing in the world to eat- though I must say that it is like the piece of chocolate that you can’t resist.

And if you have grown up eating these noodles you have experimented with them. This will include various recipes for preparing Maggi and the different ways of cooking them. I know we have different ways of preparing our Maggi. Having mentioned that, I have a way of cooking Maggi using an electric kettle. Weird isn’t it? Well, there are many ways of using your electric kettle.

Electric kettles are primarily tailored for preparing hot water and beverages such as coffee and tea. But this does not keep us from subjecting them to other uses which some include preparing snacks. Cooking your Maggi instant noodles using an electric kettle will just take a fraction of your time. I still believe this is the fastest thing to for if you dying of starvation or maybe a fried egg-am kidding. To cook Maggi you don’t necessarily need a specific appliance and that is the reason why today we are going t do it using an electric kettle.

What an Electric Kettle Should have to make it perfect for preparing Maggi.

For your electric kettle to be perfect for cooking Maggi, it should have some of the following features. The features make it easy and safe using the appliance to prepare the noodles. They include:

Concealed heating component

Some electric kettles have concealed heating element which leaves the inside of the kettle with no components. This would be great in ensuring efficiency when cooking your Maggi. This makes it impossible to damage the heating component. Cleaning would also be made easy and quick. If you use your kettle to cook popcorns, be sure to have an oily appliance to clean. If your kettle doesn’t have elements and components in the inside, then it should be quick and easy for you.

Inbuild timer

This would be a great companion to help in tracking the cooking process. Maggi takes a short time to cook, having a timer would be great to track time as it lapses.

Customizable temperature

Customizable temperatures mean you can regulate them by increasing or reducing the levels to your liking to fit the best serve your needs. This is great to get the best taste of your Maggi. This instant noodle takes a short time to cook, it would be prudent to cook at relatively low temperatures and that can be best achieved if you are using a kettle with customizable temperatures.

The bad news is that not all kettles have a customizable temperature. If you want to have a kettle that can serve multiple purposes, then go for that with customizable temperatures.

Stainless Still Material Make

If you have to cook Maggi using your electric kettle you have to consider the material make. Various kettles have different make material which can be glass, ceramic, plastic or most likely stainless steel. 304 food-grade stainless steel is the most common material for most kitchen cooking appliances. Apart from being a good heat conductor, it is also safe when it comes to contact with substances meant for human consumption.

Stainless steel electric kettle should be a perfect appliance for cooking popcorns, its excellent heat conduction properties enable it to heat the cereals evenly and quickly.

How to Cook Maggi Using A Electric Kettles

So first up is my version of a Maggi. Not all of these versions use the Maggi Tastemaker because sometimes we just don’t need it, irrespective of how awesome it is. But that aside, Maggi noddle is easy and quick to cook. They will take you around two minutes.

  1. First, boil one and a half- around 400ml- in your electric kettle.
  2. Add your Maggi content into the boiling water and stir for 2 minutes.
  3. Add flavor sachet and stir.
  4. Remove extra water and serve you Maggi with broth, vegetables or as desired.

Maggi noddle is a great base for a quick delicious meal. I can’t think of anything else if I was starving to death.

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