Why You Need an Electric Kettle Even if You Don’t Drink Tea

Over the last decade, electric kettles have become a kitchen staple not only because these appliances are a time-saver but also deliver better results than any traditional kettles available. In fact, there are many advantages to using electric kettles even if you’re a non-tea drinker.

With that said, it’s important that you know these following facts about electric kettles before you head out and buy one:

It’s a Time-Saver!

Some of the most easily recognizable benefits of owning an electric kettle of course are those associated with efficiency and convenience. Because this specific kitchen appliance is basically made for boiling water, it tends to be more efficient than traditional stove-top kettles. It thus saves you time when prepping in the morning, may it be for work or for school.

In most cases, these devices are the choice of students and workers living away from home for its portability and easy-to-use features. Truth is, some high-end electric kettles even come with built-in water filters that purify the water you drink making it generally safer to use especially for families with kids at home.

It’s Energy Efficient!

It may not look like it, but electric kettles are significantly more efficient than electric stoves and microwaves. It accounts to about 50 to 70 percent energy efficiency over microwaves and stovetops according to studies.

Efficiency wise, most electric kettles come with a temperature control feature enabling it to stop heating just as it hit the right temperature for boiling water. This means that energy consumption stops as soon as the water boiling also stops.

Unlike a stovetop kettle, this means no over-boiling resulting in spillage and more importantly, no ear-wrecking shriek from an over-boiling tea kettle!

It’s Perfect for Coffee!

It may be known as a tea kettle, but anyone who doesn’t love teas can have it too. Say for example when you like having some brewed coffee in the morning and of course, out of the seemingly popular pour-over method, this appliance achieves the perfect temperature for a perfect brew.

This is especially true for those fancy electric kettles with in-unit water temperature controls which allow you to choose what the right temperature is for you!

It’s Safe to Use!

Over the years, people have been becoming more aware or safe to say, “more cautious” of the equipment in their household, specifically those which come in contact with food. This is because of the chemical compound BPA (Bisphenol-A) which is found in different plastic products, as it leaks out of the plastic material when it comes in contact with hot temperature. We’re sure no one wants it in their cup of coffee or instant soup.

Many countries have banned plastic products that contain BPA as any significant exposure to this compound harms the body resulting in a considerable number of health problems. Good thing, most electric kettles are made of stainless steel or glass and doesn’t contain any amount of this harmful compound. Some available plastic kettle is also made of high-grade BPA-free plastic material which make it generally safe to use too!

It’s Best as a Baby Bottle Warmer!

When it’s the wee hours of the night and you may need to warm a bottle of milk for your little one, an electric kettle gets you the fastest yet, the safest results per se. We all know that warming a bottle in a microwave is never an option. But instead, you can place your prepared bottle in a bowl of hot water for a couple of minutes to achieve the right temperature.

Warning: Still, all for the sake of your baby, please double-check the temperature by allowing a drop of milk onto the inside of your wrist. It shouldn’t feel too warm or cold to you.

You Can Use it for Other Culinary Pursuit Too!

We know that every moment counts in the kitchen, and an electric kettle is one of the best help you can get. You can speed up the process of your cooking for most meals, not limited to vegetables, pasta, and gravies but many more.

As an example, it’s a bit less conventional way to be using an electric kettle when cooking some hardboiled eggs but it surprisingly gets the job done. Do it by gently popping a number of eggs into the kettle along with a considerable amount of water then leave it to boil. It means, less hassle and more time for your other chores at home.

Moreover, why not make the “instant” more instant when you’re craving for oatmeal. It can bring you through a whole new level of instant oatmeal in the morning as you pour hot water in your bowl. Obviously, you can also use the appliance to bring about a large amount of water into boiling for any purpose you might need it.

It’s Best for Home Spa Treatments too!

Finally, the reason why you need an electric kettle even though you labeled yourself as a non-tea drinker is not only about food. This precious kitchen staple doesn’t have to be for kitchen use only. Why not use it for home spa treatments such as having a nice foot soak or even steaming your face. You’ll always be guaranteed of a perfect temperature every time, without the worries of scalding your feet or face.

Imagine a nice warm foot soak and a little pampering of yourself after a long day’s work, nothing beats that with just a little help of your electric kettle!

All the above-mentioned benefits of an electric kettle only show that every home must own this electronic device. Whether owning a simple yet conventional, or fancy modern kettles with Wifi functionalities, it can surely jump start your daily activities starting with making a simple hot beverage, or spicing up your culinary endeavors, to skilfully pampering yourself.

How can you believe that a small piece of electronics could do far more than what it is expected? If you already own one now, maybe it’s time to get creative and rediscover how it can be useful in your daily life!

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